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pudding and sponge 2010-11-07 23:02 UTC
picked up a free ration of pudding and sponge aboard the HMS St. Albans - score! They wouldn't let you take the rations with you - you had to eat them there.

Here's a torpedo or something like that. This british battleship is for some reason docked at heron quay by canary wharf. I thought it was a retired ship that had been scuttled, but I think it's actually still operating.
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ad supported hot sauce 2010-06-27 16:39 UTC
I'm waiting in the long line at Laredo Taqueria, and today, I notice a bunch of new, mostly unopened, hot sauce bottles on all the tables. I tried to see what brand they were, but instead, see these ads for cheap mortgages and stuff. Kinda cool? I wonder what the whole story is.
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mixed bugs 2009-10-19 22:31 UTC
Sophie and I had been out running around and got a little hungry. But not *this* hungry!
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bananas, again 2009-09-08 22:17 UTC
Ok - here are the bananas again. To the extreme left is a freeway entrance ramp, to the immediate left is an access road, and as you can see, the bananas are *right* in your face as you walk down the sidewalk. The tree is growing right next to the sidewalk, on a small triangular lot that also includes a billboard and backs up to an apartment building (no entrances on that side, as well as sharing a remote side with a construction company. Public enough? I think so. Meanwhile those bananas are looking riper every day.
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bananas 2009-09-08 13:23 UTC

These bananas look more delicious every day. I walk past them twice a day (to and from work) - they're hanging over the sidewalk. Does that make them fair game?

edit: OK - some web web resources, including, are making me think more about this. I'm going to take a more panoramic photo on the way home (showing how in-your-face this is) and make a follow-up post.
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