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2011 Trinity Jazz Festival 2011-01-13 19:08 UTC
If you're in or around Houston and you like jazz at all, stop reading this and go to:

and snap up some tickets to attend - there are master classes and concerts on Friday and Saturday, January 28th and 29th, and there's a jazz mass on Sunday morning.
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cosmo's cascade harmony 2010-09-11 18:29 UTC
Here's a recording Josiah just did, called Cosmo's Cascade harmony test - it's an often played bagpipe song about the 500th birthday of Moscow, but he wrote some harmonies for the end part. He recorded 4 separate takes to represent 4 pipers.
player goes here if you have javascript and flash

here's the mp3

The chanter (front part) tracks are recorded with a TnC ACM-3 ribbon with a Lundahl transformer into a TnC ACMP-73 preamp with no EQ. The drones are picked up by two Sennheiser MD-441 mics in a stereo X-Y placement into a Great River MP-2NV, and there's another track for bass ambience - an AKG D112 (that was pointing at our kick drum - just spun it around) into a TnC ACMP-73. Everything's pretty much dry, but we did stereo placement on the chanter tracks and put a UAD 4k Bus compressor on the ouputs with just a little compression. We recorded hot so there wasn't much room for processing, but the raw material sounds pretty good dry - hope you'll agree.
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rack 2010-03-26 00:21 UTC
Rack for drum recording @ otherdog
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drum test 2010-02-14 00:36 UTC
here's something made out of my attempts to [play and] record drums. Little scrap of sound

player goes here if you have javascript and flash
here's the mp3

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i have no desire to listen to music i have to pay for 2010-02-03 14:43 UTC
There, I said it - I haven't bought a CD (other than from an artist directly at a show) for ages and I've never bought a song on iTunes, but I haven't been making/downloading/listening to unlawful mp3s either - I simply don't have the urge to listen to music that is managed by record companies. Why?

1) I'm too busy making my own crappy music. I get a bigger thrill listening to a song that I just made (at least for a day or two) than I ever got from an album or CD, even if the song/performance/recording sucks, and it usually does. I'm also busy recording my friends and relatives, and occasionally, mixing stuff.

2) I'm too busy listening to *your* music - admittedly, when your music sucks as bad as mine usually does, I don't listen to it more than once (and for those tunes of mine which you are unlucky enough for me to post, I expect the same thing is going on), but some of them are really good, and I listen to them frequently, and you all say that's OK for me to do.

3) Somewhere along the line the identity factor of the musician (and the fans) broke down some for me - when I was a kid, Led Zeppelin could have released the sound of a turd hitting the ground and I would have loved it because it was from them, and somebody I or my friends had never heard of could have released *the best song ever*, and I wouldn't have liked it very much, because I hadn't heard of him/her (and neither had my friends) - this effect is still present a little for me, but not nearly as much. I dunno if that's age/experience, or a number of factors, including the complete distrust of the music industry (and acute disrespect for major labels, and, by extension, those who sign with them, at least a little). I'm not seeing it in my 15 year old son, at all, btw.

4) I spend all my money on recording equipment and instruments (even though I should be spending it on lessons) - much more than I ever dreamed of spending on licensing music, btw.

5) In summary, I spend all my music energy making/listening/discussing home grown music. I don't have time or energy left over to see what Universal/Sony/EMI/Warner have for me to buy from them - truly, they can stick it up their #*(*@. Do they have better musicians/producers/studios/engineers/etc. than me? You bet, and I'll never catch up! Do I care? Not really. (disclosure: my wife listens to Pandora and youtube videos, and I often hear what's playing)

I just had to say it. I think it was the Emmy (oops.. Grammy) awards the other night.
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