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reading terminal mkt 2009-08-17 13:32 UTC

Train finally showed up - market east station is one block from the hotel. Currently at Reading Terminal Market, waiting on a cheesesteak ( made with cheeze whiz!)
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stuck on a septa train 2009-08-17 12:16 UTC

Currently on a Septa train from Philadelpia airport to downtown. We're stopped - the train lost power and they're trying to figure it out. The cabin is about half full of people and it's starting to heat up. It's a little hot outside, but thankfully not like Houston. It was dead quiet at first, but now there's a low but growing swell of little irritated people noises - humming, etc. The attendent is walking through the cabin now saying something like, "Can't reset the panagram because it's old and defective and there may be some arcing" (?) Another train is coming to couple and push or pull us to the next station. My G1's battery didn't survive the 45 minutes at the Houston airport plus the 3 hour flight - off network, but constantly in use. I just pulled down my overnight bag and USB'ed it into my laptop to charge and make this post. Ugh. At least the train ride is only $7 :)
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to philly 2009-08-17 10:02 UTC
Currently sitting at a gate waiting to board a plane to Philadelphia. This is the first business air travel I've done all year - there goes my 'elite' status, best enjoy it while it lasts. Still getting along without a car. Jane offered to drive me to the airport, but instead I wheeled my bag over to the train stop, took the train two stops to the 'Downtown Transit Center' stop (Houston Metro's headquarters is there), then wheeled my bag a block over to the 'Airport Direct' stop. From there, a nice tour-style bus leaves every 30 minutes on the hour and half hour, and takes 30 minutes to get to Terminal C at IAH (and back, if you're going that way). It's $15 each way - cheaper than a cab or shuttle by far. I took the 8:30 AM bus (I was one of two people on the big honkn bus) and arrived precisely at 9. The driver took hwy 59 instead of I45 or the hardy toll road (note to self). I think I could have easily taken the next bus, since I'm just sitting around now. I used my 'Q card' to pay the $15, by swiping it on the bus, but couldn't get a receipt. Maybe on the website...
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