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bananas, again 2009-09-08 22:17 UTC
Ok - here are the bananas again. To the extreme left is a freeway entrance ramp, to the immediate left is an access road, and as you can see, the bananas are *right* in your face as you walk down the sidewalk. The tree is growing right next to the sidewalk, on a small triangular lot that also includes a billboard and backs up to an apartment building (no entrances on that side, as well as sharing a remote side with a construction company. Public enough? I think so. Meanwhile those bananas are looking riper every day.
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it might get loud 2009-09-08 16:27 UTC
Josiah and I went and saw It Might Get Loud on Sunday, and we've been listening to Led Zeppelin ever since, and now I can't get the middle part of Carouselambra out of my head (even though it wasn't featured in the movie, I don't think).

Afterward, we walked back to the train stop at 12:15AM, swiped our "Q-cards" (deducting $1.25 from the prepaid balance on each card), then walked to the center of the platform to read the notice that the train had stopped running for the night (the published schedule says they run until 12:45AM). We walked home, which was nice, actually, because it wasn't too hot. I called today about getting a refund. They were sympathetic to the story, but said I have to stop by to get the refund (which, unless I manage to swing it as a diversion from another trip, will cost another $2.50 for the round trip :) )

I recommend the movie for any guitar player. I've never been a fan of U2, but I liked all the footage and dialog with "The Edge". I really don't know much about Jack White -- after my time, I guess. Jimmy Page will always be an idol, of course, and this movie strengthened that for me.
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bananas 2009-09-08 13:23 UTC

These bananas look more delicious every day. I walk past them twice a day (to and from work) - they're hanging over the sidewalk. Does that make them fair game?

edit: OK - some web web resources, including, are making me think more about this. I'm going to take a more panoramic photo on the way home (showing how in-your-face this is) and make a follow-up post.
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