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cosmo's cascade harmony 2010-09-11 18:29 UTC
Here's a recording Josiah just did, called Cosmo's Cascade harmony test - it's an often played bagpipe song about the 500th birthday of Moscow, but he wrote some harmonies for the end part. He recorded 4 separate takes to represent 4 pipers.
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here's the mp3

The chanter (front part) tracks are recorded with a TnC ACM-3 ribbon with a Lundahl transformer into a TnC ACMP-73 preamp with no EQ. The drones are picked up by two Sennheiser MD-441 mics in a stereo X-Y placement into a Great River MP-2NV, and there's another track for bass ambience - an AKG D112 (that was pointing at our kick drum - just spun it around) into a TnC ACMP-73. Everything's pretty much dry, but we did stereo placement on the chanter tracks and put a UAD 4k Bus compressor on the ouputs with just a little compression. We recorded hot so there wasn't much room for processing, but the raw material sounds pretty good dry - hope you'll agree.
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