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#deletefacebook 2018-03-25 13:48 UTC
I "deleted" my personal facebook account just now - I think it takes some time before facebook actually [claims to] remove the account - like a 14 day grace period in case you change your mind. Before I did it, I went through and deleted each of my posts and private message threads, which was pretty tedious, but would have been much worse if I was more of an active user. I resisted signing up until 2008, so I suppose my account is (was) about 10 years old.

I had been waiting for an excuse to do this for a long time - the recent push to #deletefacebook sort of gives me the cover to do it without seeming like a complete curmudgeon (even though that's probably what I am).

I'm not fooling myself into thinking the data is actually deleted - but it felt good to see it all fall away piece by piece. It's funny - I got feelings of nostalgia reading the old posts and especially the old private messages, but the private messages were usually *about* the feelings of nostalgia experienced when the person I was talking to and I were remembering stuff that happened much longer ago. So - meta-nostalgia.

Facebook was amazing at re-connecting with people I knew from long ago - I just broke most of those reconnections by deleting my account. I do have contact info for a bunch of people, so I suppose they're not completely gone.

Silly as I know it sounds, I'm still on Instagram. I had been logging into my instagram account using my facebook login, but I found out it really is two separate accounts. I had to look in instagram settings to see what my username was, then log out and go through the lost password reset function to get the independent login working, but now it's fine.

Hope we come up with something better soon.
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