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ecowitt WH2320E 2018-07-10 03:33 UTC
For Fathers' Day, I asked for my present to be a weather station that I would integrate with our home automation system. I did some research, but not a lot, and noticed that pricing for those systems is all over the place. I'm still not sure why, but I assume it has to do with accuracy and performance at the extremes. I didn't want to spend thousands of dollars, while at the same time imagining how cool it would be have a system in place that could have kept up with Hurrican Harvey. I dunno.

Despite the long geek legacy of personal weather stations, I found myself once again bombarded with vendor/cloud managed devices and little to no information on local data sharing and configuration. I'm certain that most of the established vendors are still supporting local control - they would have to affirmatively remove it from their systems to not have it, I think, but wow - nobody seems to talk about it anymore.

I found no alternative to contacting the vendors prior to purchase to see if local control was possible. I wound up going with the Ecowitt WH2320E - it was comparatively cheap, had the key features: a decent set of sensors, wireless communication with the console, solar power for the sensors, etc.. The vendor was extremely responsive and was up front with me that local control wasn't really supported, but that they would help me through it. And they did!

So now the Ecowitt console is connected to my localized IOT wifi/vlan network (with no internet connection) and one of my controller services connects to it via TCP every 16 seconds and gets the current readings from the sensors. The interface is all hexadecimal and not user friendly, but it's really fast, which is something I'm not used to with these IOT devices - especially the ones wtih full featured HTTP APIs.

The WH2320E is designed to interface directly with Weather Underground and a few other services, but of course that can't happen at my house, because it's not on the internet. Instead, my controller service reports the data to Weather Underground about once a minute. I would tell you the station handle, but that would be tantamount to putting my address up on the Internet - Weather Underground shows all their stations on a map (of course they do).

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