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how to keep guacamole fresh looking 2018-07-12 00:45 UTC
Do you ever buy fresh guacamole at the grocery store in a plastic tub, and it's really nice and green looking, and so you eat some of it and then put the lid on the tub and put it in the refrigerator for later? But then a couple of days later, the top of the guacamole has turned brown and has little puddles of brown liquid in it?

Yeah, I usually pour off the liquid and eat it that way too, and it tastes pretty much the same. But did you know you can keep it green with a piece of food wrapping?

You probably guessed that it's the exposure to air that causes the problem - after all, it sat in the store for a while, right? But it was filled all the way up to the lid. So - now after I eat some, I take some wax paper (my favorite, but plastic wrap works too) and tear it into a shape that will cover the guacamole - if the tub is square (it always is around here), I make a rectangle, so that a portion of it can be folded upward to make it easier to grab when I want to eat more. Stays as green as it was when I bought it!

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pudding and sponge 2010-11-07 23:02 UTC
picked up a free ration of pudding and sponge aboard the HMS St. Albans - score! They wouldn't let you take the rations with you - you had to eat them there.

Here's a torpedo or something like that. This british battleship is for some reason docked at heron quay by canary wharf. I thought it was a retired ship that had been scuttled, but I think it's actually still operating.
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ad supported hot sauce 2010-06-27 16:39 UTC
I'm waiting in the long line at Laredo Taqueria, and today, I notice a bunch of new, mostly unopened, hot sauce bottles on all the tables. I tried to see what brand they were, but instead, see these ads for cheap mortgages and stuff. Kinda cool? I wonder what the whole story is.
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mixed bugs 2009-10-19 22:31 UTC
Sophie and I had been out running around and got a little hungry. But not *this* hungry!
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bananas, again 2009-09-08 22:17 UTC
Ok - here are the bananas again. To the extreme left is a freeway entrance ramp, to the immediate left is an access road, and as you can see, the bananas are *right* in your face as you walk down the sidewalk. The tree is growing right next to the sidewalk, on a small triangular lot that also includes a billboard and backs up to an apartment building (no entrances on that side, as well as sharing a remote side with a construction company. Public enough? I think so. Meanwhile those bananas are looking riper every day.
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