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rooted android 2010-10-02 15:30 UTC
With encouragement and instructions from my friend Tim, I took the plunge and rooted my G1 phone, installing the latest cyanogenmod firmware. I'm still learning the differences, but one important difference is that I was able to effortlessly tether via a USB cable to my netbook - came in very handy on a in-and-out daytrip to Florida earlier this week, and by installing the Barnacle hotspot app from the market, I can also turn the phone into a wifi hotspot. In fact, at the moment my cable connection at home is down (no TV, cable light is off on the cable modem), so Jane and I are both connected on our netbooks through the phone. Not fast, but much better than nothing. I'm making this post through the phone now.

Next, I just need to figure out a good way to patch it into the home network as a backup router.
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disappearing blogs 2010-09-14 19:57 UTC
I was just updating the "about" page on the blog here. There was a time when I was adding links to friends' blogs to the page, but for the last year or two, it's been more about removing dead links. I'm leaving links to blogs that are still up, even if they haven't been updated for a couple of years (and that's true for one or two of them).

I never really got the blog thing, anyway - to me, it seemed to be just a deliberate way of updating your web page to show what's going on - sort of like the overloaded use of 'finger' at the end of the last century, but with vi and html files, instead of vi and the finger text file.

But that's not surprising - a lot of big stuff comes and goes on the internet without me noticing. It seems to me that social networking has killed the independent blog that we saw sprouting up all over the place about 5-7 years ago. I'm not talking about the well researched and written neo-journalism ones - those are still around. I'm talking about the boring, self-reflective, and basically useless ones (like, um, this one) that shuffled out of the ground like zombies and couldn't be stopped. I think all that energy is going into places like twitter now, and that's fine. The exception would be blogs like this one, where the maintainer is somewhat technical and too lazy to learn the latest thing (and too distrustful of other people controlling the data/content, it's worth adding).

That nervous, self-exposing-reflecting well of energy (of which I have plenty, btw), seems always to find the path of least resistance -- usenet to 'home pages' to blogs to social networking - each step presenting either more flexibility or fewer technical hurdles, or both. What's next?
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tv 2010-09-06 19:34 UTC
We just bought a new TV - this is a first. Some family members had given us CRT TVs over the last 20 years, and we did buy our daughter a 13" Hello Kitty CRT TV, but never one for the family.

This one is a Samsung 55 inch, with many bells and whistles. I've always planned to have one of these flat screens hanging up on the wall with no wires showing, and that's what I've done - behind it are a power outlet and a jack for cable and one for gigabit ethernet.

So far, things are good, but I'm starting to run up against the limitations of my insistence on not connecting any boxes. I'll post details in the coming weeks.
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eximstillrocks 2010-06-22 21:19 UTC
Spamgourmet has been running with exim for about a year now, and it has been one of the smoothest years so far (who would think that the tenth year, with the most users and over 5 million email addresses would be the smoothest?).

I am prefer exim now.

Oh, and by the way, I deleted the spamgourmet facebook page. It sucks that facebook blocks spamgourmet links and forbids the use of spamgourmet emails (at least on the more prominent domains). Also, it looked like the "fan base" of facebook users was shrinking due to them deleting their own facebook pages, so what was the point? I'm keeping my own personal facebook page, at least for now, because it's cool to connect up with so many old friends, but I'll continue my practice of actually doing stuff here and other non-facebook places.
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nexus one no keyboard 2010-04-05 18:52 UTC
I've been using the G1 phone for maybe a year now - my wife moved back to a standard motorola phone with much longer battery life, and so I got hers. It's pretty good, but the processor is too slow to really handle the work it has to do. For instance, in an impromptu race to find someone's cell phone number with someone who has an iPhone, my opponent had the number before I even had the address book open :(

I had been subliminally preparing myself to get the Google Nexus One phone - why not? But I just found out it has no keyboard. No keyboard => no angband for android => no deal...
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